Reclaim your wardrobe, get happy, get healthy.....for GOOD. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Wellness Vixen Program and how does it work? 

The Wellness Vixen Program is an 8 week wellness program that will reveal the best version of yourself.  While nutrition and fitness is at the core of the program, we'll also work to elevate things like relationships, career, self care, spirituality, home environment and lots more.   How can we truly be healthy and happy if there are aspects of our life that are out of balance?  Bottom line- wellness is about more than just fitness and nutrition. 

This is a group program and each week you'll be presented with a new learning module with light homework assignments, a group coaching call, supporting videos, podcasts, documents and a private, interactive Facebook group.   You'll also be paired up with an accountability buddy (sister Vixen!) throughout to keep you on track and create support around your new, healthy lifestyle.   

For $37 ($297 total) per week you get:

  • Access to 8 coaching calls with a Board Certified Health Coach (me!)
  • 8 learning modules with exercises and fun challenges: goal setting, enhance your career, elevate relationships and home environment, stress reduction protocol and sleep reset, personal development, gain confidence and body love, set up a personal budget, naturalize your beauty regimen and tons more!! 
  • 8 weeks of meal plans, grocery lists and prep day instructions
  • 8 weeks of at-home (no equipment needed) workouts and yoga sessions
  • The private Vixen FB group- Sister Vixens and accountability unite!! 
  • One-on-one support 
  • Vixen graduation certificate

Oh yeah, and we'll have A TON OF FUN together!  

I'm super busy, how much time will this take?

The Wellness Vixen Program has been designed to work WITH, not against your busy schedule.   It's also been designed to REDUCE your stress load, not add to it.  Did I mention we also have full week's module on time management?! :)

You can count on a commitment of 1-3 hours per week.  This includes the weekly group coaching call, listening/reading/watching and homework assignements.  

We'll also take whats actually happening in your life and apply it to your program.  This means you're getting real results out of real challenges so your time spent is truly valuable.  

What if I need a more custom approach, like private coaching?

I do also offer Private Coaching for my Vixens that are looking for a more customized approach to total wellness.  My private program is a 3 month program and you'll have FULL and DIRECT access to me throughout the entire program via phone, email and social media.  Together, we'll create a custom plan to help you reach your goals and fall in love with your reflection in the mirror.   Private Vixen Coaching is entirely based around what you'd like to cover during each of our sessions but will also indclude the educational coursework as applicable.  Email if you're interested in private coaching. 

What realistic outcomes can I expect?

You can expect to reclaim your wardrobe, to become an efficiency ninja in the kitchen (and your life!), to quiet your negative internal chatter, to love your reflection and to FINALLY put a check mark next to the goals you've been working to accomplish.  

You can expect a hightened sense of self confidence, relationships that naturally elevate, advances in your career and you can certainly expect to have the tools you need to think like a Vixen in any scenario life throws your way.....Just ask yourself....."what would a Vixen do?"

Wait...What the heck is a Health Coach? 

Think about this for a second: When something is important to you or outside your scope of knowledge, you hire an expert or a coach right?  A coach at the gym, a cocah for your business, a masseuse for your sore muscles or a dentist to clean your teeth.  If your health is THE most important aspect of your life, why haven't you hired a coach yet?  It's time to stop trying to navigate the ever changing waters of the wellness world on your own.  

Technically, a Health Coach is designed to bridge the gap between physicians and your daily habits and practices.  A Health Coach offers guidance and inspiration to help you shift your behavior to healthier HABITS by making step-by-step changes to your diet and lifestyle, focusing on preventative care and functional healing.  Vixens learn how to health their bodies with food,  by practicing radical self care and by learning why true wellness is so much more than just fitness and nutrition.  

What are your qualifications? 

I am a board certified Health and Happiness Coach and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I also hold two degrees from Humboldt State University.   With over 5 years in the health and wellness industry I've brought together over 16,000 wonderful humans I like to call my second family.   Hear what some of them are saying! 

I'm ready to get started, what's the next step? 

Click the blue box below to sign up and pay.  I'll be in touch with with your startup packet that includes  a wellness questionnaire, a goal setting guide for the program and a Circle of Life worksheet to help you visualize any lifestyle imbalances you might be facing.  We officially start the program on Monday, February 1st.  Our Vixen Kick Off call is at 5:00pm PST.  You graduate as an official Wellness Vixen on March 25th.  I can't wait to work with you!!! 

Signup Closes January 31st at 12:00am PST

I work with women on a variety of different health and lifestyle topics.  Here are some examples:

-body fat loss

- nutrition and meal planning 

-stress and sleep issues

-exercise and physical activity 

-body image and acceptance

-finding creativity 

-career and personal development

-elevating and healing relationships

I don't diagnose illnesses, prescribe or modify medications, recommend extreme dieting practices like detoxes and cleanses (hate those!) or take responsibility for your success. 

Am I a good candidate for Health Coaching? 

Do you feel like you have lingering health goals that you just can't seem to accomplish?

Are you at a point in your life where you feel like it's time for a change?

Are you struggling to find a starting point or feeling alone on your journey?  

Are you ready to make a commitment to your health and take charge of your life?  

Are you ready to love who you see in the mirror and feel beautiful again?  

Do you wish you had someone on your side that was educated on all the most current information in the wellness world and could peel away all of the bull sh*t?  

Do you feel overwhelmed with all of the different diet theories and weight loss plans out there? 

Are you stuck in an unrewarding stressful job or relationship? 

If you answered yes to ANY of these, you're an excellent candidate!

What if I'm already pretty healthy? 

Regardless of where you're at in your journey, there's always room for improvement!  Why?  Because WE'RE HUMAN!  And that means we have the opportunity for perpetual development and growth.  I can help you set laser focused goals that will take your life to the next level of awesome. 

Why 8 weeks?

Studies have shown that it takes at least 8 weeks to create new and lasting habits. Supporting you for 8 weeks allows me to provide you with the tools you need to make better food, exercise and lifestyle choices that will last the rest of your life!  There's also so much to learn! Check out the course syllabus: 

\\Week #1\\ Set goals, meet your accountability buddy, learn how to consistently journal (and love it), learn about my approach to eating and living a remarkable life


\\Week #2\\ Learn to meal plan, become a time management pro, understand mindful eating and the energetics of food (and why it's the best way to change your eating patterns)


\\Week #3\\ Understand the power of habit, set up a self care regimen, learn about slowing down and adrenal fatigue, set up a personal budget, learn how to improve your sleep 


\\Week #4\\ Learn about the different types of stress and utilize the stress reduction protocol, halfway point-revisit goals, understand your cravings and how to kick them


\\Week #5\\ Learn about Feng Shui and how to create beautiful spaces for prosperity, understand your Ayurvedic body type and why it matters, get to know your gut, listen to your moods and create an alter ego super hero


\\Week #6\\ Learn how to elevate the relationships in your life, find out how to find bliss in your current career or start doing work you love, learn about current food politics and current issues 


\\Week #7\\ Learn how to meditate (and love it), understand the importance of visualization, naturalize your entire beauty regimen, learn about different alternative medicine practices and how they might help you, get the scoop on supplements, learn about power foods 


\\Week #8\\ Self love boot camp, find your creative outlet, learn about the environmentally friendly Vixen, graduation celebration and certificate