“Lauren’s Wellness Vixen Program is a game changer! Before joining the program, I considered myself a healthy and well balanced person but was struggling to keep my diet in check. Cooking well was usually the first thing to slip when life got busy. (And when isn’t it?!) My main goal was to create more consistency in my eating habits and stop buying lunches out. With Lauren’s help, I quickly became a “ninja in the kitchen” (as she promised) as we developed a strategy that worked for me. Lauren even adjusted her meal plans to work with my needs, since the original ones were designed for 2+ people and I am usually just cooking for one. My eating habits are now much more consistent and I feel much better about my health overall. I also learned about things like Feng Shui and Ayurveda, which I had never thought about before and thoroughly enjoyed. I highly recommend becoming a vixen!!” – Kristen Hislop, Owner, Warfare Collective. 

“The Wellness Vixen Program hits then parts of life that I forget to pay attention to! The things that make life so much more fulfilling and enjoyable. My biggest take-aways from the program are to always take time for myself… Get a mani-pedi, get a massage, read that book, take that course on self improvement, join a mastermind, clean out your closet, join a workout program, cook dinner tonight. Especially as an entrepreneur, it is so easy to feel like you always need to be working. But putting your health, time and FUN first is always the best investment you can make. Invest in yourself. Before you do something, ask yourself “would a Vixen do this?” I feel more aware and more in control after being a part of the Wellness Vixen Program. Thank you Lauren!!!” -Mallory Harcourt, Owner, ImagineX 

“I loved Lauren’s 8-week Wellness  Vixen Program! Every week we covered a different topic, set manageable goals, and created good habits. Before I knew it, I was feeling great, kicking ass in the kitchen and in love with my life. Life is about more than food and exercise, we have to take care of us and our goals. After having a baby and quitting my job, I really needed this. Thank you Lauren for your help and guidance! I loved our private coaching calls! Vixens for life!” Heather Mellon, Mother, Green Builder

“I loved getting into the habit of shopping farmers market and making the time for a Vixen kitchen afternoon, prepping produce, and meal-planning for the week. Most inspiring has been the connection with beautiful, smart, creative amazing women. I would recommend this program to someone who has the desire to live a healthier lifestyle and could achieve that with a little help from her Sister Vixens.” – Pamela Abbott-Mouchou, Serendipity by Pamela 

“Lauren is a master at asking the right questions to unlock your potential and help you find your passion. She helped me create balance in my life and a clear path to achieve my goals and realize my vision. Every conversation with Lauren left me inspired and ready to conquer my fitness plan, clean eating and balancing my work and personal life. The 8-week Wellness Vixen Program is the perfect program for any woman who is looking to invest a little more time in themselves in order to create true balance and harmony in their daily life.” Ashley McNary, Assistant Store Manager, Lululemon Athletica

“I joined the Wellness Vixen Program while I was feeling like I had hit a plateau, mentally, physically, and with my health. I was pretty healthy, however I was uneducated and unfulfilled by my current routine. While working with Lauren I had the chance to really dig into so many aspects of my life. We re-evaluated and organized a plan that worked best for my health needs as well as the amount of time I had. I found ways to alter my routine to manage stress, to substitute cravings, to set goals, and to gain an overall positive outlook on eating and preparing my food. Lauren doesn’t just give you a list of what you should and shouldn’t eat, she really helps personalize a routine that YOU can implement permanently, instead of bouncing from diet to diet method. Over the span of the program, I realized how personalized her help was through our group calls, which I looked forward to every other week to check in and share how we were doing with the program. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve, eating habits, food prep, outlook on your career, relationships, maximizing productivity, stress relief, and overall positive vibes throughout life! I’m so honored to be an Original Vixen, and I am sure that Lauren can help you too!” – Shelby Joyce, Coach, Im=X Pilates and Professional Dancer

“The Wellness Vixen Program gave me the information, structure, and support needed to make health changes in my life. Lauren is a best in the world health coach that can listen to you and provide you with the guidance needed for you to make sustainable mind and body changes.  Through the program I now prepare meals to avoid bad food choices in my life.  I have more energy and spend more time enjoying and reflecting on my daily activities.”– Tara Bidwell, Store Manager, Lululemon Athletica

“I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing program and to let you know how much it helped me and will continue to help me forever! Whether it was a simple kitchen trick, a self help tool, or feedback on how to communicate with my boyfriend and roommates better, you always had advice that seemed to solve everything in an efficient way. It feels good to have someone that truly cares about making each persons life better and more compatible with their every day routine. I appreciate you so much and always will.”– Annie Ewald, Student, USCB

“Thank you so much Lauren!  I can’t even explain how great it feels talking to someone who has knowledge on relationships and can talk through situations with me. You’re seriously the best and I am so thankful for everything you are teaching me. This is all happening at the perfect time and I owe a lot of my growth and stress relief to YOU! Keep doing what you’re doing, if you are helping me this much I know everyone else is feeling the same. You ROCK sista.” – Tatiana Aquiline, Server, The Lark SB