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Heya Gorgeous!

My name is Lauren.  I’m a board certified Health and Wellness Coach with over 5 years of experience guiding women in cultivating the most vibrant version of themselves.  I can help you heal your body and your relationship with the mirror so you can truly live like a Vixen.  Stop trying to accomplish your goals alone, let’s elevate your life together! 

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Vitamin Love

I’ll help you find true health and happiness by balancing all areas of your life.  You’ll learn about elevating relationships, how to set and crush your goals, how to save money, get ahead at work, reduce stress and tons more.


Find motivation, support, encouragement and excitement for your journey through a thriving community of Vixens, a Wellness Coach and an accountability buddy.  This is where you’ll find the fuel to light that fire under your ass and keep it burning for the long haul.

Xpert Coaching

Expert advice and exciting q&a sessions with industry experts that will knock your socks off! Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about various wellness techniques and what practitioners can help you the most.


Find consistency and support in exercise you’ll CRAVE.  Let’s find out how you love to move so you can keep moving.  I’ll also teach you how to schedule your workouts so you never miss a beat!


You’ll get custom meal plans, prep day instructions and grocery lists so nothing is left to chance.  I’ve done all the planning for you so you can focus on eating clean and staying consistent!

Self Care

Nurture your body beautiful.  Naturalize your beauty regimen and learn to do things that make you feel taken care of.  Find a creative outlet, and become a master of putting yourself first.

FREE 30 Minute Wellness Consultation

Just take this quick quiz and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to schedule our one-on-one!  We’ll spend 30 minutes discussing your goals, determining where you’re stuck and the next steps to healthier you.  There’s nothing to lose, it’s FREE!

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Learn about my different programs, how they work, what they offer and how much they cost.   I promise, there’s something for everyone!

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